Secrets of Menorca ride (2.5h)

2.5 hours, suitable for riders with some experience

This is a circular ride from the stables along small lanes and old tracks towards the megalithic monument Talati de Dalt (a mini Stonehenge). Here we tie up the horses under the trees to visit the archaeological site and have a welcome drink before continuing on towards an early Christian Basilica where we pause to admire the beautiful mosaic pavement. To complete the circuit we pass a spectacular stone Talaiot (tower), before arriving back at the stables having seen a part of the island rarely visited by tourists.

We have many clients who haven't ridden for many years and enjoy the chance of getting back in the saddle, more proficient riders will get the chance to trot and canter if they wish, we try to make up small groups of similar riding ability. There is a minimum number of 2 in summer.

 For your safety, all riders must wear helmets which are provided. You will be most comfortable riding in long trousers and trainers or shoes, we have half-chaps for loan if you need them.